AVANCIS is one of the pioneers of photovoltaics with CIS technology and boasts extensive experience of commercial series production of CIS solar modules.

As a manufacturer of premium-class solar modules, AVANCIS offers extremely high standards of quality, reliability and corporate responsibility that are exceptional in this dynamic industry.
For Avancis the roots of CIS technology go back as far as 1981. That was when their predecessor company ARCO Solar started researching the wafer-thin, high-performance coating made from copper, indium, gallium and selenium. In 1998, Avancis became the first company anywhere in the world to start commercial series production of CIS in Camarillo, California.
Since then, AVANCIS has continued to develop CIS photovoltaics, in cooperation with big names like Siemens, Shell Solar and Saint-Gobain. These joint efforts led to the founding of AVANCIS GmbH & Co. KG in 2006. Since 2008, Avancis have been producing high-quality CIS solar modules as a subsidiary of the international Saint-Gobain Group.

Avancis remain continually focused on technological progress and increasing productivity. With their own pilot line and the factory planning department, they are working on the photovoltaics of the future with CIS solar modules at their Munich site.
With their innovative ideas, they are helping to drive the global trend for generating and using renewable energies – so that you too can turn the sun’s inexhaustible energy into electrical power cleanly, reliably and sustainably.